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Everyone at Deutsche Telekom is horrified by the war unfolding in Ukraine, which is sending shock waves through Europe and the whole world. All people who are suffering from this crisis are in our thoughts.

To ensure that you here in Germany can stay in touch with your families and friends, we are providing you with this SIM card. Please note the following:

  • You have been given a SIM card for the network of Telekom.
  • Calls within the EU and to Ukraine are free of charge.
  • The card is activated for immediate use at no cost.
  • This includes phone and internet usage in Germany. All phone calls and text messages (SMS) from Germany to Ukraine will be free of charge until further notice.
  • The SIM card is personalized. It may not be gifted or sold to anyone else.
  • To use the SIM, please enter the PIN provided in the enclosed letter. Please keep this letter safe.
  • To find your cell phone number on your smartphone, please dial: *135#

The following hotline numbers are available free of charge if you lose your SIM and/or to stop using it (please have your cell phone / SIM card number ready when you call):

  • German: 0800 33 01000
  • English: 0800 33 01080

We wish you all the best in these difficult times.

Welcome to Germany – important information for your stay

Important emergency numbers in Germany

Ambulance service - medical emergencies: 112

Police emergency call - in case of danger: 110

Important information on entering and staying in Germany:

Arranging private accommodation in Germany:

Psychosocial emergency aid (SMS/Whatsapp) for Ukrainian children and young people: